Overview of Services

Overview of Services (PDF Format)


A History of Service

First Federal Corporation is a 28 year old media storage provider serving the Mid-Atlantic region and key cities nationwide. Facilities are built to the highest industry standards and emergency retrieval services are available 24 hours per day, 365 days a year. First Federal's longstanding commitments to customer service and the care and handling of customer media are its highest priorities. Processes and internal controls are regularly reviewed for safety and reliability and are SSAE 16 (SOC2) certified.


Site Overview

First Federal’s primary off-site data storage vaults are situated in a single story, unmarked, secure site and have been designed to eliminate single-point-of-failure risks in any critical service area. Remote secondary facilities are also available.

Physical Security

For commercial media, First Federal provides independently certified, U.L. Class ll media storage vaults. For government media, First Federal provides a six sided, GSA approved, modular structure meeting the requirements of Federal Specification AA-V-2737. Secure services are available.


Fire Security

First Federal’s media storage vaults are certified to meet the requirements of NFPA232, Standard for The Protection Of Records, and are built to six-hour fire resistance standard utilizing all U.L. and NFPA approved materials and methods. FM200 gas fire suppression systems protect all vaults.


Environmental Control

Redundant, computer room grade environmental control systems are provided for each vault. Back-up electrical supply for these systems is achieved by automatic transfer to a 1.25-megawatt diesel engine generator, programmed to start within 15 seconds of any utility failure.

Static Magnetic Field Protection

Media storage vaults are continuously lined on all six sides with ferromagnetic plating to create fully shielded enclosures that meet NIST standards for protecting against data erasure from static magnetic fields.

Electronic Security

First Federal’s facilities are protected by redundant, high grade, electronic security systems suitable for commercial and secure government clients.


Loading Facilities

First Federal’s facilities include fully enclosed, fire-rated loading docks that are environmentally controlled to assure that media will not be subjected to extreme temperature fluctuations or public scrutiny.


Reserve Power

In the event of a utility failure, the full building electrical load is automatically transferred to a 1.25-megawatt standby generator that conforms to ANSI/NFPA 110 Standard for Level 2 Emergency Power Systems.


Equipment & Couriers

Bonded First Federal couriers in specially equipped, unmarked vehicles accomplish secure transportation of client media.


Identification Badges

First Federal provides tamper resistant, photo ID badges for all client personnel participating in the off-site storage program.

Media Containers

First Federal provides a wide variety of custom designed media containers and off-site transport carts to protect media while in transit.


Data Processing Support

First Federal clients enjoy a paperless vendor interface with the complimentary Client Media System (“CMS”). CMS is a comprehensive media inventory and bar-code scanning system that eliminates paper forms and simplifies inventory management and event tracking.


Chain of Custody

Using CMS, First Federal maintains a chain-of-custody audit trail for all media leaving or entering its facilities. Bar-code scanning technology is used throughout the media retrieval, re-filing and delivery processes to maximize data security and chain-of-custody integrity.