Disaster Recovery Services


In 2000, First Federal created Recovery Point Systems, Inc., a national provider of Integrated Business Continuity Solutions to government agencies and a broad array of commercial and non-profit organizations of all sizes. Recovery Point stands alone as the only disaster recovery provider to offer all recovery services in a single integrated package. Its service delivery model reduces risk, eliminates vendor fragmentation and accelerates recovery processes by providing the complete range of resources required to survive a catastrophic event within all-inclusive, highly secure facilities. Recovery Point designed the fully integrated service delivery model to address market demand for solutions which allow customers to look to a single provider in the event of a calamity. The table below illustrates the key components of Recovery Point’s comprehensive suite of business continuity services.

Recovery Point’s integrated service offers greater contract uniformity and flexibility than the traditional tactic of piecing together a disaster recovery solution from multiple vendors. When a disaster occurs, Recovery Point clients benefit from a single point of contact and do not have to coordinate multiple vendors amid the stress of an unplanned business interruption. Please learn more at www.recoverypoint.com

Hot Site, Cold Site, Work Area

Available systems include IBM zSeries, pSeries, iSeries, Sun, HP Unix, and Wintel with SAN and all major tape library configurations. Cold Site space and hundreds of Work Area seats at multiple locations are also available.

Tape Vaulting & Transport

Secure off-site media storage vaults certified to the highest Federal and industry standards and emergency delivery services are available 24 X 7 X 365. On-line media management tools and equipment are provided at no cost.

Electronic Data Vaulting

On-line backup and replication services routed to multiple recovery facilities provide high availability data vaulting solutions for requirements of all sizes.  Data proximity to other recovery resources reduces risk and recovery times.

Secure Hosting


Highly secure, concurrently maintainable data centers built to the highest design standards support customer-provisioned assets for recovery or production purposes. Multiple sites and managed backup services are available.

Network Services


Carrier neutral services available for recovery and hosting clients nationwide. Diverse dark fiber facilities are installed at dispersed peering points to eliminate last mile costs and provide inexpensive cross connects to over 700 carriers.

Recovery Point Systems Facility